Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Monthly Milestones... 7 - 8 Months

Time with Teddy is flying by, and he seems to be doing new things all the time. So I thought it would be nice to keep a record of his development to look back on, not least because I am dreadful at keeping his baby books up to date, plus hopefully it will be useful for any future or current mums reading! 

Teddy's 8th month saw many firsts. First go on the swings, first taste of meat and fish (and coco pops!) and first attempts at crawling. I love this age so much, I think that from six months onwards Teddy has been showing his personality more and more and this month in particular he has been demonstrating his likes and dislikes and has been constantly making us laugh with his faces. 

Food wise, weaning is going well and we have found that, touch wood, Teddy likes pretty much anything we give him. The exception to this is that whenever he cuts a new tooth (he has six now) he goes off his food for around 24 hours. I have learnt not to worry too much about this as he seems to make up for it the following few days.  Oh and he hates cucumber! We are doing a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning but much more of the former. I never prescribed to the theory that you have to pick one or the other and so far the combination is working well for us. Currently Teddy is still having three bottles a day, plus weetabix or porridge for breakfast, mashed up fruit followed by some form of carbs like toast, potato cakes or crumpets for lunch, and then meat/fish/veg combos at tea plus a fruit pot or yoghurt. FYI banana and custard fruit pots are pretty tasty. 

As well as exploring new tastes and textures with food, this past month Teddy has become much more mobile. We exchanged the much loved jumparoo (thanks for the loan Sister in Law!) for a walker with wheels which Teddy whizzes along our wooden floors on and which I would highly recommend for when little ones starts to get frustrated with their inability to move independantly. Crawling looks very close, at the moment Teddy seems to get up onto two arms and one leg then gets stuck, so he rocks back and forth then places his head on the floor in desperation or exhaustion. All of this is pretty hilarious to watch. Hopefully there will be progress to report in a month's time!

Teddy has in the past couple of weeks dropped a nap most days, meaning he has two naps of 1 to 1.5 hours a day, as opposed to the 3 or even 4 catnaps of 45 minutes he used to favour. Whilst it makes me slightly sad that this means he is asleep on me less it does mean that I can get more done whilst he is sleeping. And by this I mean cooking food for him, washing bottles etc and definitely not watching 3 episodes of Revenge. Naps are now almost always in Teddy's cot or in his pram if he falls asleep whilst we are out and about. He tends to sleep for longer when in his pram, not suprising given how warm and cosy his cold weather foot muff looks.  Night time wise I have noticed that bed time is getting slightly earlier which means his wake ups are too! Whilst I did love the 8.30am starts this is no bad thing as in a couple of months Teddy will be starting nursery so we will all have to be up and out the house well before then. Bed time is between 8 and 8.30 which still gives Chris a decent amount of time with Teddy once he is home from work. Again I know this will have to be brought forward by the time I return to work but for now it works!

In between all this eating and swing going we also went to a couple of baby play centres, had a trip to Slattery's and and have continued with the baby sensory classes which are the best thing since sliced bread, and which I will write more about soon.  All in all it has been a great month and it even saw the first outing of the bow tie. Exciting times! 

Until next month! x

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