Friday, 20 March 2015

Haul Ass to... The Liquor Aisle!

This weekend is a big one. Teddy is being baptised on Sunday and we are having a party to celebrate at the local golf club afterwards. I am really looking forward to his special day, not least catching up with friends (some of whom we haven't seen in a while) and family over a few cheeky halves! Also tonight we are heading into town to see Sam Smith at the Manchester Apollo which will no doubt be accompanied by some pre and post drinks. 

So this week's haul ass is about my favourite tipple Amaretto. Below are some links to various cocktail recipes, some of which I have tried and love, and some of which are on the 'to make one day' list. The simple prosecco with a dash of amaretto is my current favourite and will most likely make an appearance this weekend. So head off to your nearest off licence or supermarket and bag yourself a bottle of Disaronno (or cheat like me and get Aldi's version which is a steal at £4.79!) 


Prosecco or Champagne and Amaretto self explanatory but just in case here's a link! 

Cherry Whisky Smash Cocktails This looks awesome!

Amaretto Sour And yes the best ones do have egg white in them! 

Disaronno Mule Ginger beer fans get on to this!

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