Monday, 2 March 2015

City Break Chat

I have this thing in my head about going on a city break before Teddy is walking. I'm not really sure why, having no experience of taking a child on holiday but I figured that once he is on his feet it will be more difficult to just pop him in his pram and spend the day exploring a new city (the bars in particular!). Also, pretty soon he'll be old enough to make the holiday all about him so in a selfish way I think it would be good to get in a trip to a destination Chris and I would also have picked when we were sans child, rather than focusing on places with family pools and children's entertainment for example. 

Now there is a good chance such a trip is only a pipe dream as maternity pay doesn't exactly lend itself to holiday booking, but if we find a deal within our budget then these destinations are currently top of my wish list. 

                                                                                                     Image courtesy of Nelson Carvalheiro

Lisbon - I have been banging on about Lisbon for a while now and I'll admit it is because on a skyscanner check to 'any destination' it came up as one of the cheapest options. I then did some research and it sounds like a great choice, with a centre close to the airport, a wide variety of accommodation options and a largely flat terrain handy for a pram. It sounds like there is a good balance of cultural attractions and vibrant social scene, and that the centre is small enough for a 3 day stay. It looks beautiful and has that mix of old town hustle & bustle and the beach on your doorstep which would be ideal. 

                                                                                                    Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

Seville - This has been on my travel wish list for ages, not least because a good friend of mine spent a year studying there and told many stories of how beautiful it is and how friendly the locals are. I get the impression it is not as 'touristy' as Barcelona or Madrid (the latter I would love to visit though) and that you go for the food, drink and ambience rather than famous sights, although it does have its fair share of those. I think this would be a great place to relax in during the day and get glammed up for at night whilst sipping on some cocktails. A historical city with a strong connection to flamenco, I would love to visit here for some sunshine and authenticity. 

                                                                           Image courtesy of Huffington Post

Dubrovnik - I have heard so many good things about Croatia, especially the island of Hvar. I would still choose to visit Dubrovnik if given the chance however, as the Old Town looks stunning and full of character. I love that the city sits on the coast so you can visit the beach one day, and walk around the historical ruins in the centre the next. My only hesitation with this destination would be the amount of steps, and hills I believe, which might be difficult to navigate with a pram. Maybe we should wait until Teddy is walking for this one then we can tire him out during the day :-) I've heard the Croation beer is noteworthy too!

Have you been to any of these three? Any tips on travelling with a baby of around 9/10 months (that's the age Teddy will be if we go away at Easter)? Stories of pram pushing under the influence are particularly welcome ;-)


  1. I've been to Lisbon and Dubrovnik and loved them both. I think for a small family Lisbon is better as it is easy to do on as smaller budget. There are nice things to do like the flea markets and the castle. It has a good night life and some cool little bars and restaurants in the older part of town. The shopping is good too from what in remember!

    Dubrovnik is actually quite expensive when you're over there in terms of food and excursions etc. I would do that one as a couple as it is quite a romantic city. Plus I know where there is a fantastic bar where you can drink cocktails out of sandcastle buckets.
    I've asked for a mini city break in a posh hotel sans baby before in go back to redunculous working hours. But it's as likely to happen as pigs flying! Xxx

  2. Thanks Liz! Lisbon is definitely top choice at the moment, now it's in my head I really want to go! I had heard it was cheap once you are there which is the main thing for us, and I know what you mean about maybe leaving Dubrovnik for when it's just us two. If we ever get there I'm well up for the sandcastle bucket drinks! Hope you and your little lady are doing well xx