Monday, 16 February 2015

The Great Pram Debate

Ah the humble pram... or travel system, or pushchair, or buggy, whatever you like to call it. The choice is ridiculous so the whole thing can be a minefield.  I'll be honest though, I loved pram shopping and we found it to be a relatively quick and pleasant experience, only visiting one shop and then going home to order our favourite that night. This is probably due to the fact that it was on display in the window and it turns out my husband is rather drawn to things with foxes on! Plus I had done a fair amount of research beforehand. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a pram and my thoughts on our Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 (I assure you I am not sponsored by them I just love this pram and could talk all day about it. I'll try not to though). I've not included costs, as everyone has a different budget. All I'll say is that you could spend a small fortune but from talking to other mums the most expensive prams aren't always the best. Try before you buy!


Top on our wish-list was something that was compact. We don't have a lot of space in either our Fiat Punto boot or our hallway/living room where the pram spends a lot of time. We therefore opted for a system designed for urban living, i.e. folds down pretty flat and would be suitable for even a city centre flat. I love that it fits through narrow spaces yet feels very sturdy and has a decent size shopping basket underneath. The wheels are small so probably not the best choice for people who know they will be doing a significant amount of country and off road walking. That's not to say it can't cope at all however; we've been round a number of parks and lakes with no issues at all.  Turns out that the relative lightness of the pram was also a massive bonus with me having a C-section as I really don't think I could have lifted a heavier pram in the weeks or even months that followed Teddy's birth. 


The speed at which the pram clicks up into place, and collapses down again was a big factor for us. Not a fan of faffing, the one click system for the carrycot, car seat (it is maxi cosi compatible) or pushchair seat is also excellent and saves lots of time. Whilst we tried to use the carrycot as much as possible there were times when we didn't want to wake Teddy and were only popping into a shop when keeping him in the car seat was a godsend. The handles extends to different heights very easily, and the break is simple and where you would expect it to be! 


This is the main benefit of a travel system in my opinion. You have the carrycot option for the first 6 months (although you can forgo this with many systems and simply lie the pushchair flat and purchase a newborn insert), the car seat option, and then the pushchair seat which we started to use after around 6 months and which should see Teddy through until he is 3 years old. The seat faces both ways and as the frame is small and not cumbersome I don't really see us needing a lightweight buggy, which I know many parents invest in if they find it easier to get out of the house with than a pram. 

We also wanted a pram with a decent guarantee and one with reviews which suggested it was durable. I think there has only been a handful of days that the pram hasn't been used since the little man arrived so we are definitely getting our money's worth!


How the pram actually looked was very important. We wanted a unisex pram that was a little bit different. Whilst not opposed to bright colours, I found many too garish so was leaning towards this model in navy before we came across the limited edition Donna Wilson print in store. Like I say, the husband made a beeline for it! We get many positive comments on the print, and I love the brown leather handle and safety bar as I think they add a touch of class. They also gave me a great excuse for a brown leather changing bag (whole other post!). I have only ever seen one other person with this pram which is a miracle given how many babies there seem to be in Manchester! It is of course not compulsory to dress your child up like a fox whilst in the pram, we are just a bit cruel. 

Other designs I considered and which I like include the Silvercross Wayfarer, Mamas & Papas Sola, Graco Evo and Ickle Bubba (despite the dreadful name).

So there you go, a lot of waffle about a pram. Feel free to join in!

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