Monday, 9 February 2015

Ikea Sundays

Yesterday I went to Ikea for one specific item.*  I'm sure everyone knows that buying only one thing from Ikea is nigh on impossible, so I did pretty well to only return with 3 little extras. It was as busy as I've ever seen it, probably because, like me, many people realised that the £20 voucher they received if they bought a Christmas tree from there last December expired 8 Feb. 

We decided to spend the voucher on this Trogen storage bench which will house Teddy's toys in his room. There are cheaper storage options but as it is going to be on view I wanted something to fit in with the nursery and also something of a decent size and quality. It doubles up as a bench which he can sit on when older. Successfully purchased, it's now over to Chris to assemble after which I'll post some pictures. Bet he can't wait to get his flat pack on! 

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Whilst confined in the maze that is the Manchester store I took some sneaky pictures of things which caught my eye and which you might like too...

Strala Star Lamps don't appear to be online but are reduced in store to £6! These would look great in a colourful nursery or play room. 

Lillabo Train Set If you love a wooden toy and a reasonable price check out this range. 

Black & White Lamp Pretty and stylish, you have to buy the base and lamp separately but at least that means if you change your mind or decor you can change the shade too. 

Yellow Clock This is on my pay day wishlist. It can be mounted to a wall or put on a shelf and opens for some cheeky storage. 

Coloured Clothes Hooks £1 hooks which again would look cute in a child's room.

White & Copper Lampshades Copper is still going strong and offers something a bit different, these shades look a lot fancier than the price tag suggests they are.

Retro Glass Cabinets I love these! Shame I have no need (or budget!) for one whatsoever.

Apples & Pears Lighting So cute, another nursery or playroom item which is fun and original. 

Child's Training Beaker I couldn't resist these!

Feel free to share any Ikea finds or thoughts, and happy Monday! 

* No, not a hotdog.  Although obviously I did get one on the way out. 

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