Thursday, 5 February 2015

Teddy's Nursery

First Post Klaxon!!! 

In our wisdom we purchased and moved into our first house when I was 7 months pregnant. Top of the list when house searching was therefore a place which required little or no work to it. Luckily we found this and straight away started to think about the nursery. The room which was to become the nursery was blue. Blue walls, blue carpets, generally very blue. It was a good job we had a boy!

At the time we didn't know the baby's sex but decided to keep the blue and take a gamble. We embraced the blue and decided to make it a sky, with my first idea being to create (or more realistically buy) a wall transfer of the Up! house and balloons on one wall. I didn't have much luck with this however and so we went for cloud transfers which were a bargain from 

We ran with the cloud theme and purchased a super cute paper cloud mobile and grey and white cloud bedding. Then I got very excited about a changing mat, because that's how I roll, and convinced myself that £39 for said mat was an entirely reasonable purchase. 7 months pregnant people! In the end my lovely sister bought us the mat, and I am so glad.  Here is Teddy demonstrating just how essential a purchase it was.  

We wanted to brighten the room hence the yellow, which I incorporated with the chevron lampshade and a print from Etsy which is my second favourite thing in the room (after the changing mat, obvs). The plan was also to buy a rug but I couldn't find a suitable one and the need to downplay the blue lessened dramatically once our little surprise arrived. I am still on the lookout for a chevron or cloud themed rug, but one which does NOT look like this

Other touches in the room include a lovely Roald Dahl print received as a gift and the wall mounted book shelves. Thank you Pinterest for the £3 ikea spice rack idea! Furniture wise we knew we wanted white and the Fern collection from Mamas and Papas seemed a popular choice amongst friends whilst also being the right size for the room. Lastly we were donated an Ikea Poäng chair which is where one of us sits to read to Teddy before bed every night. Library corner rocks! 

So there we have it... and here we have this. Hearts. 


Cloud wall stickers
Cloud mobile The White Company
Changing mat Nubie
Lampshade Ebay
Cot bumper, duvet & fitted sheet Mamas and Papas
Book shelves (painted white) Ikea
Winne & Piglet print Sweet Lime on Etsy
Furniture Mamas and Papas
Chair Ikea
Child He's not for sale ;-) 

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