Friday, 6 February 2015

Capture the Moments... SmileyPrint Photo Strips

I used to be all about the photo albums. Back in the glory days of dropping films off at Max Spielmann, waiting to see what would be returned and spending hours in paperchase perusing scrapbooks, I used to love putting together albums which I still look at now. Then digital cameras and social media came along, and whilst I may have thousands of pictures on facebook, I don't have half as many physical photographs as I would like. 

This is especially the case when you have a child that seems to age at an unfathomable speed, and whose chubby little face brings you a ridiculous amount of joy. When I discovered SmileyPrint photo strips I was therefore instantly a fan of the idea of photobooth strips - hello 90s memories! I thought they would be a great way to print off photos not only of Teddy, but of happy times like our wedding, honeymoon and even Pablo the cat, massive poser that he is. 

At only $10 for 12 strips the website is super easy to use, and I selected my 48 pictures from instagram so no re-sizing or editing needed, although you can do this if you like. The 4 x 17cm columns are great for cutting up and keeping in purses and wallets, popping on the fridge with magnets or even handing out to family as bookmarks. Winner all round! 

Anyone else a photobooth fan?! 

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