Friday, 2 October 2015

VSH Book Club #5 - Late Fragments

I don't think I have ever seen or heard the word 'life-affirming' used as much as it is in reviews of this month's book club choice. Late Fragments: Everything I Want to Tell You (About This Magnificent Life) was written by Kate Gross, a mother of twin boys, a wife, and CEO of a charity by the age of 30. Gross also worked for two British Prime Ministers at 10 Downing Street (as you do). 

Kate was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 34 and died on Christmas Day morning, last year. Apparently she passed away just minutes before her sons woke up to open their presents. 

Welling up yet? Wondering why on earth would I want to read about such a horrendously sad story? I kind of am too, but I keep coming across this book (you can't miss it in Waterstones at the moment, and I remember reading this article by the author's mum in the Guardian a few months ago) and I feel like Kate's story ought to be read.  Starting life as a blog, Kate's words apparently turned into a memoir left for her husband and children, one which has since become a Number 1 Bestseller. Praised as being honest, funny (yes really) and beautifully written, this promises to be a book you will remember. Let's just hope that's because it provides perspective and inspiration, and not because it made us all weep for a year. 

Waterstones have included it in their book club for the month, given it 4/5 (reader reviews) and are selling the paperback version on sale at the moment (click here). Amazon readers have praised it as a 4.5/5 and are selling it for even cheaper here, and the kindle version here

Who will be joining me? If you need a little more convincing here is a snippet of Kate's writing about life after her diagnosis, taken from the book and mentioned in the article referenced above:

 “Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. In other words, the petty frustrations and stupid ambitions and general rushing around have melted away, but the good stuff remains. And it’s better than ever.” 

PS - Reviews of To Kill A Mockingbird/Go Set a Watchman next week! 

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