Thursday, 2 July 2015

VSH Book Club #4... To Kill A Mockingbird

If ever there's a book which needs no introduction it's this one, so I'll keep it brief!

I have chosen this classic in honour of the sequel Go Set a Watchman which is released on 14 July, 55 years after To Kill a Mockingbird was first published. Go Set a Watchman is possible the most anticipated sequel EVER, with a serious amount of hype surrounding it.  It's pretty impressive that so many years on the original is still regarded as a must read, and it was definitely one of my favourites growing up. Like me, you may have read it as part of the English Literature curriculum at school, and I am pretty intrigued to revisit it and check out what *insightful* comments I scribbled down in the margins!

I have to admit that I have forgotten much of the story so I am really looking forward to discovering characters Jem, Scout and Boo Radley, amongst others, again. The story is set in 1930s Southern America and is told through the eyes of Scout, whose father (all round legend Atticus Finch) causes somewhat of a stir by defending a black man accused of raping a white woman. The book has sold over 30 million copies and won the Pulizter Prize. Enough said. 

I don't want to read the sequel (which you can pre order now) without being up to speed on the original, so if you feel the same then please join me. If you have never read the book, grab a copy now and I promise you're in for a treat!

Versions are available for kindle here, or you can pick up this paperback edition here. Personally, I have fallen a little bit in love with this gorgeous limited edition so will be very jealous of anyone who gets it!

Happy reading!! 

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