Friday, 15 May 2015

Haul Ass to...Breakout Manchester

Hi folks, bit of a different one this week as I am not encouraging you to go shopping but instead to spend your hard earned cash on getting locked in a room for 60 minutes. Bear with me!

Breakout Manchester is a fairly recent phenomenon, and one I stumbled across on twitter. Described as a real life crystal maze I was intrigued! In a nutshell you play in teams of between 3 and 5 and work together to solve a number of clues hidden in the room (which lead to more clues, that then point to more clues and so on) in order to get out of the locked room before the time is up. 

There are 7 different rooms to choose from when you book to play Breakout, each with a different theme and difficulty rating. Two of the rooms are the same, Classified 1 and 2, and these were the rooms we chose to play, purely because there were too many of us for one room. If you have a group bigger than 5 then I would definitely recommend booking these rooms (at the same time slot) as battling against a team of your friends only adds to the experience (not that we were competitive. Not at all). 

I won't say much about being inside the actual room in case any of you decide to go, other than the time flies by, especially the last few minutes, and that you get really into it! We managed to breakout with about 15 seconds to spare! The other team broke out too, a few seconds later. Tense times. 

So if you fancy something different then get yourself booked, I think the price depends on how many players you have but for us it worked out about £16pp which was definitely worth it. It is in the centre of town too so perfect for pre or post drinks, although I would not recommend doing this drunk! You need to be on your A Game! 

Happy weekend guys! 

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