Friday, 29 May 2015

Haul Ass to... Tobias and the Bear

It's Friday again folks! Today's treat is for the little people in your life, especially the ones who like to look super cool :-) I found these Tobias and the Bear leggings on instagram and the only reason it took me a while to order a pair for Teddy was because I couldn't decide which ones to go for! 

I eventually picked Storm Boy in White which I love, although I definitely have my eye on the foxes when these no longer fit. Foxes are kind of Teddy's signature thing! They wash well and are true to size. At £15 a pair they are more expensive than standard kids leggings but I think they are worth it as a special purchase or as a gift. 

Which are your favourite?  

Teddy makes a great model. He doesn't pull ridiculous faces at all.

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