Friday, 24 April 2015

Haul Ass to... GAP

I rarely go into or look at Gap online for clothes for myself. When it comes to baby and kid's clothes though, they are up there with the best in my opinion. They currently have an interesting offer on whereby the more items you buy, the more discount you get. If you purchase one item a 20% discount will be applied, if you purchase 3 or more items the discount is 25% and if you have a blow out and go for 5 or more you'll get a 30% reduction. The code is LOVEGAP and ends today! 

Here are some of my kiddie favourites. Head on over there now! 

Americana flutter star one-piece £14.95 before any discount 

Whale one-piece £12.95 before any discount 

Flutter ladybug one-piece £17.95 before any discount 

Americana star slip-on sneakers £8.95 before any discount

Ant tunnel banded pants £7.95 before any discount 

Have a great weekend! And if you haven't finished reading this month's book club read then get a move on :-) 

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